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Organic Teas For All Occasions

What’s the most common beverage in the world besides water? Juice! Just kidding… It's tea. For our tea collection we are honoured to work with the world's leading tea company in terms of high quality and tradition; Mount Everest Tea Company GmbH in Germany, founded in 1927 and one of the oldest in Europe. All teas are completely organic: no artificial colouring, sugar, sweeteners or preservatives added. When you relax with a cup of tea from the Singular Society collection, you will only enjoy pure flavours and herbs of the highest quality planet earth have to offer. Tea of this nature generally consists of bigger pieces (leaves, flowers etc) which are impossible to put in a regular tea bag. So, what to do when you're in love with the simplicity of a tea bag, but don’t want to compromise with quality?

Use a biodegradable pyramid bag that carries the tea pieces with ease. No other company (that we know of) uses tea of this exclusivity and quality level on pyramid bags, but the result is absolutely amazing. Think of it as drinking Roman e Conti wine from a bag-in-box :-)

Our range of teas consists of Herbal teas (a mix of organically grown herbs), Single origin teas (one farm, one place, one ingredient, one certified process) and Classic teas (the ones you know of, but made in an uncompromised, organic quality).

A cup of tea, anyone?

Gyokuro Celestial Light

Organic green tea

Jade-green fine needles and a sweetish umami taste are distinctive of this top tea. It is made from the Yabukita tea plant, which is characterized by an intense and fresh taste. The leaves are shaded with an intensity of 90% for 21 days before picking, giving the tea plant a dark green colour and pleasant velvety sweetness.

Darjeeling First Flush SFTGFOPI Oaks

Organic black tea

The Oaks plantation is located at an altitude of approximately 1.600 meters above sea level and produces world-leading Darjeeling teas. This strong bodied first flush captivates a fine elegance and delivers a delicate, honey-sweet and golden-yellow brew.

Ginger Mint

Organic green tea

For a fresh and uplifting every day, all day herbal teal – look no further. A pure East Asian essential tea of dried organic ginger root pieces mixed with organic mint leaves. Free from caffeine and added sugars.

Jasmine Mao Jian

Organic green tea

A fine organic jasmine tea with a delicate flagrant, flowery flavour. The Jasmine Mao Jian has a large, evenly shaped leaf. Its peach colour signals the typical fruity character of the infused tea.

Sideritis Greek Mountain
Organic greek mountain tea

A naturally caffeine-free herbal tea made from dried flowers leaves and stems from a single variety of the Sideritis plant that grows wild in high altitude areas of Greece. It has a floral, earthy, mild and slightly sweet taste.

Earl Grey Blue Clou
Organic black tea

A high-end organic version of the classic Earl Grey tea. A round, delicate black tea with distinct bergamot notes and subtle notes of blue cornflowers.

Green Mint

Organic peppermint

Shared among friends and family throughout the day since the beginning of times, this tea from the peppermint bushes of Egypt is as classic as it gets. It has a strong, fresh but still sweet taste of mint and many prefer to mix it with honey or sugar for added sweetness.

Green Tea Lemon Ginger

Organic green tea

Fresh and sweet lemon meets the spice and sting from ginger root in this East Asian classic that has been enjoyed for centuries in East Asia and beyond. Appreciated for its fresh and uplifting taste. Free from artificial ingredients and added sugars.

Rukeri Op Kinihira
Organic black tea

The wiry leaf is reminiscent of Ceylon tea, the taste is pleasantly mild with caramel notes and a ruby coloured cup.

Verbena Lemongrass Tea

Organic lemongrass verbena leaves

A sophisticated and focused mix of different versions of citrus, which all bring their unique flavour to this refreshing and caffeine-free tea.

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