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For the love of high-quality coffee

For our selection of state of the art-coffees, we’re partnering with Standout Coffee, a prestige coffee agency in Stockholm run by world champion baristas, specialized in offering the world's best coffee to ordinary coffee lovers. This gives us unique access to high end farms and some of the best-known coffee regions in the world, such as Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia and Alta Mogiana in Brazil.

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Single-origin means that our coffee is sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country. It is traceable and we know exactly where it comes from, which also means that the flavour depicts its origin, possessing characteristics of that specific area, whether it’s Fazenda Minamihara farm in Brazil or the Marcala region in Honduras.

Organic and biodegradable
Making high-quality coffee is not that different from making a good wine. We use only the best beans possible, from a single farm and land area. The beans are handpicked, and all the farms from where we buy our coffee do not use toxic pesticides or herbicides, only biological treatments. The production process does not degrade the land and at the same time elevates the quality. When buying our coffee capsules, you can take comfort in knowing that the capsule is 100 % biodegradable, and not made from plastic and aluminium like many other capsules on the market today.

The roasting process
All our coffee blends are master roasted locally, honouring the general process of all quality coffee and not over-roasting the beans. This results in a slightly lighter roast level than some might be used to, but it avoids damaging the aromatic accents of the beans.

Breaking the poverty trap for farmers
The Singular business model gives us the possibility to buy extremely fine raw coffee and pay the producers a good rate but still be able to offer the final product to the Singular community at a very affordable price. What usually happens in the coffee market is that farmers are pressured to sell their coffee too cheap, the consequence is that they get caught up in the so-called poverty trap. This is not the case with the Singular society coffee.